Depression Signs & Symptoms

Children and Teens can struggle with depression just like adults. Depression is more than just being sad or having a few bad days. Depression is a treatable medical illness and involves ongoing feelings of sadness or irritability that interfere with the child or teens ability to function. 

Children who have experienced a loss, under stress or have ADHD or anxiety are more prone to symptoms of depression. 

Frequent Crying

Crying more frequently or unable to tolerate minor stress.


Frequent anger, hostility or outburst that are not developmentally appropriate or for the situation.


Withdrawing from family and friends or difficulty maintaining relationships.

Self Harm

Engaging in self harm is a sign of unhealthy coping behaviors and a symptom of depression.

Sensitivity to Rejection

Nobody likes rejection, but children and teens with depression tend to have extreme sensitivity to rejection or failure.

Decreased Interest

Loss of interest in or enjoyment of favorite activities. Low energy, boredom and poor performance in school

Suicidal Thoughts

Thoughts of suicide warrant immediate attention. Although many children and teens may have suicidal fantasy it is important that they be evaluated for severity of suicidal ideation.