Custody Corner

Court Related Counseling

OC Kids Therapy treats the whole child. This may include court related issues such as court ordered therapy, co-parenting therapy, or reunification therapy. Children who’s families are in transition oftentimes present with anxiety, depression and/or behavioral issues.

OC Kids Therapy is unique in that it is equipped to treat the child and the family with court related issues. We can provide court documentation, testimony and ongoing support to families going through this difficult time.

Child Therapy

Therapy for your child is often ordered by the court to sort out custody matters. Therapy is meant to help the child with transition and educate parents on how they can help. 

When child therapy is court ordered the child’s psychologist will make recommendations in the best interest of the child. 



Court Ordered Child Therapy

Custody Agreements

Some parents hope to forgo court and try to work through adjustments on their existing parenting agreement privately. Negotiating new parenting agreements that are more in tuned with your child’s current needs is a healthy co parenting relationship.

Co Parenting Therapy

Co Parenting therapy can be a result of a court order when there is a disagreement on parenting strategies. The goal of co parenting therapy is to keep everyone working together in the best interests of the child. Co parenting therapy keeps everyone accountable and on the same page when it comes to parenting. 

co parenting counseling
Reunification therapy

Reunification Therapy

Reunification therapy provides guidance in reintroducing or establishing a healthy relationship with a child that has had little or no contact with a parents. The goal is to help the child and parent navigate this transition.