Solution Focused Treatment for Kids, Teens, Young Adults and Families

We offer brief, solution focused therapy for kids, teens and young adults. Specializing in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Dialectical Behavior Therapy

Coaching and counseling is an effective treatment for kids and teens who are needing some tools to deal with anxiety, depression, lack of motivation, relationship and academic issues.

Knowing and understanding depression is an important part of treatment. Learn healthier coping skills and how to challenge distorted thinking patterns.

We offer treatment for a variety of anxiety disorders including general anxiety, social phobia, OCD, Body-Focused Repetitive Behavior disorders and PTSD

Navigating ADHD diagnoses and treatment options can be daunting. Knowing whether your child is just easily distracted or high energy or are the behaviors clinically significant to warrant a diagnoses is an important first step. OC Kids Therapy focuses on behavior treatment which is considered the first line of treatment. 

Join Our Functional Skills Group with Alyssa!

Does your child struggle with big emotions or reading social cues? We're thrilled to introduce our ongoing Functional Skills Group, led by Alyssa, every Saturday at 10:00 AM!

Designed for children aged 6-10, this group provides a fun and supportive environment where kids can learn essential tools to manage their emotions, understand social interactions, and explore how thoughts influence feelings.

Don’t miss this opportunity to help your child thrive!


We brought our son for ADHD and found out that he was actually having anxiety. After working with Dr. Dawn we were able to identify the real reason our son was having so much trouble in school with paying attention. He is now on the right medication and not taking anything for ADHD!
Dr. Dawn was great! That is all I can say. We had gone to a previous therapist that diagnosed our son with ODD and Anxiety Disorder. Dr. Dawn was able to educate us on what was developmentally normal and how to parent our son in a way that worked for him and us.
My kids were having a hard time dealing with our divorce. Not only did Dr. Dawn help my kids with all the changes, she helped us understand how to help them and make it easier on all of us. I am forever thankful for the guidance and support she gave us during this difficult time.