Dr. Dawn nelson de Ramirez

Dr. Dawn is the founder and director of OC Kids Therapy. Dr. Dawn created OC Kids Therapy with the idea that we should look at the whole child before rushing to diagnose. After years of working in the field, Dr. Dawn found that children were being diagnosed far too quickly. This led to greater anxiety for the parents, frustration for the child and a lot of wasted time and money on misguided treatment.

Having three children of her own she was frustrated with the rush to diagnose and treat disorders that were oftentimes developmentally appropriate behaviors and challenges. Her vision was to create a space for families to treat the whole child and provide them with the tools to succeed. 

Alyssa Wertner, Intern

Alyssa is currently a counseling student at Concordia University, Irvine studying Clinical Counseling. 

Alyssa recieved her undergraduate degree in Elementary Education from Utah Valley University. She taught 2nd, 3rd, and 5th grade as well as high school students. 

Alyssa has a passion for helping individuals with their socio-emotional needs, providing exceptional care and creating effective treatment plans to treat children, teens and young adults. 

Alyssa is enthusiastic about helping individuals heal and create a bright future based on personal strengths and character structure. Alyssa specializes in  Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Behavioral intervention, ADHD coaching as well as, Solution-Focused Brief Therapy. 

Alyssa works directly under the supervision of Dr. Nelson de Ramirez. Collaborating on diagnoses and effective treatment strategies.